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An overview of the 47-year career of one of the best Belgian designers in the field of furniture and lighting design. His designs have been released in Sweden, Poland, Italy and Germany, a.o.

“From an early age, Walter Leeman knew what he wanted to be. At the age of sixteen he designed his first table. He absolutely wanted to become a furniture designer. He studied interior design at the Sint-Lucas institute in Ghent and Brussels. He immediately became aware of the many difficulties to have his designs produced in Belgium. But Walter had good contacts in Germany and Sweden where there was a clear interest in his designs. He also found it an enriching experience to be working abroad.”
Christian Oosterlinck, Project Manager Flanders District of Creativity

hardcover book 29 euro
Nederlands - Français - English - Español - Italiano
17 x 22,5 cm, 288 pagina’s full color –

ISBN 97-8-946407-0507
verzending 6,40 euro (BE) 11,60 (NL)
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verkrijgbaar in Gent bij boekhandel Walry, Leuven Museum M